Why ElmerCQ?

Of the many rewarding aspects to being involved with the Amateur Radio Service, one of the most fundamental aspects, is the Amateur Radio Operator’s willingness to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with others. Let’s face it… if it weren’t for the concept of “Elmers”, much of the Amateur Radio Service wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is today.

Numerous forums exist to help amateurs get answers, but sometimes what you really need is a ‘one-on-one’ with the Elmer, either via email, land-line or face-to-face. There can be a variety of reasons why contacting a willing Elmer can be difficult:

  • You are new to the amateur radio community and you don’t know any other operators
  • You are not yet licensed and can not transmit your question to the Elmer over the air-waves
  • You haven’t yet joined a local ham club or a nearby club isn’t available to you
  • It can be difficult knowing when a potential Elmer’s station might be manned, so your plea for help could go unheard
  • A potential Elmer’s favorite band to monitor might be closed or limited due to current propagation conditions
  • The list of reasons can go on and on …
Regardless of the reason, the purpose of this web site is two-fold:
  • Help you find, and connect with a ‘local’ Elmer
  • Provide you with a means for volunteering yourself as an Elmer and offer others a method to get into contact with you

How it works

As an Elmer volunteer, you simply need to register yourself with this web site and indicate which ‘skills’ or ‘specialties’ you are comfortable helping others with (you’ll be amazed how few details you are asked to provide). That’s it!

Should you need to take a break from your Elmer activities, simply update your profile and mark yourself as “Suspended”. This will prevent you from appearing in any searches made by an Elmer-seeker.

As an Elmer-seeker, simply provide your location information and indicate the distance you are willing to travel (in case a face-to-face meeting is or will be needed). The more detailed your entered location information is (at minimum, your zip code is required), the more refined the search results will be. The Elmer Locator Service will then list the registered Elmers within the requested distance radius from your location. Once you have chosen a likely Elmer candidate, one whose skills (specialties) match the kind of help you are seeking, click on their “Select” checkbox and the Elmer’s email address will be emailed to you.

Unfortunately, the Elmer Locator Service is currently restricted to locating Elmers in the United States. If you would like to help expand this service to serve other countries / languages, please contact the web administrator.

Caveat Utilitor

Please realize that this is a new service, therefore, it will take some time to build up the pool of registered Elmers (you can help by spreading the word about this webite). If your search results are unsuccessful this time, come back another day, as hopefully, more Elmers will have registered themselves. The last thing ElmerCQ wants to do is discourage your efforts to be an active member of the Amateur Radio community!

We look forward to the day when our pool of Elmers is overflowing and this caveat can be removed …


Neither ElmerCQ, ElmerCQ’s owner / operator or other involved 3rd parties (e.g. website hosting service, etc.) accept any responsibility for any actions, instructions or advice of the users of this service. We expect all users to govern themselves appropriately and in a manner that is consistent with the spirit of the Amateur Radio Service.

73 to all …